January 31, 2010

[紀錄片] 塑料成癮 (separator)

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中文名: 塑料成癮
英文名: Addicted To Plastic
資源格式: DVDRip
發行日期: 2009年
導演: Ian Connacher
演員: N/A
地區: 加拿大
語言: 英語
◎譯  名 塑料成癮
◎片  名 Addicted To Plastic
◎年  代 2009
◎國  家 加拿大
◎類  別 紀錄片
◎語  言 英語
◎字  幕 N/A
◎文件格式 XviD + MP3
◎視頻尺寸 608 x 336
◎文件大小 1CD 50 x 15MB
◎片  長 85 Min
◎導  演 Ian Connacher
◎主  演 N/A

◎簡  介 

  現在還有甚麼東西不用塑料做?塑料在任何家庭中都已經成為最普通的物品——它便宜,用途多樣而且耐用。然而塑料是不可生物降解的,並且雖然它看起來容易丟棄,許多種塑料並不容易回收,所以大多數塑料物品註定將永遠成為垃圾。更糟的是,塑料加工經常產生有毒廢物,處理廢品塑料產品的方式是隱藏問題——大規模的陸地堆填和海洋傾倒,而不是解決它。影片制作人Ian Connacher探尋了不負責任的成癮的塑料使用所造成全球環境影響的後果。

  What isn't made of plastic these days? Plastic has become one of the most commonplace items in any household -- it's inexpensive, versatile and durable. However, the latter quality is also plastic's Achilles' Heel -- while it's easy to make things out of plastic, plastic is not biodegradable, and though it seems easy to throw away, many types of plastic aren't easily recyclable, so most plastic items are destined to become garbage that lasts forever. Even worse, plastic manufacturing often produces toxic waste, and disposing of unwanted plastic products has resulted in massive landfills and ocean dumps that simply hide a problem rather than solving it. Filmmaker Ian Connacher explores the global environmental consequences of the irresponsible use of plastic materials in Addicted To Plastic! The Rise and Demise of a Modern Miracle, an activist documentary that explores how plastic became an inescapable commodity and how we can (and why we must) wean ourselves off of it. Addicted To Plastic was an official selection at the 2008 Vancouver Film Festival.

  A film by Ian Connacher, Cryptic Moth Productions. Award winning documentary reveals the history and worldwide scope of plastics pollution, investigates its toxicity and explores solutions. Bullfrog Films. 85 minutes.
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